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Mind Tricks X Boxpalm Tee (RESTOCKED)

  • Mind Tricks X Boxpalm Tee (RESTOCKED)
  • Mind Tricks X Boxpalm Tee (RESTOCKED)

This is a collab tee with Mind Tricks (@m1ndtricks). Mind Tricks is a platform that gives the action sports community a place to speak their minds and share stories about their experiences with mental health.

A message from Mind Tricks founder Nikita Ducarroz:

“Mental health has always been perceived as this subject that we don’t talk about, and if we struggle with it, it means we are weak. As someone who has dealt with debilitating anxiety and depression most of my life, I can’t tell you how empowering and freeing it was when I finally started being open about my struggles, and realizing how many other people were going through similar things. I want to use my platform to get the conversation started. To help end the stigma around mental health, and to inspire those who feel like there is no end in sight to keep going, one step at a time.”


@boxpalm / @nikita.ducarroz